Seeing is believing. Hearing, touching and tasting can’t be trusted.

So I will admit, I have a bit of a weird job. I work in pest control. At parties I am a social pariah as the mere mention of what I do garners a lot of dry heaves and looks of disgust.  Come the end of the evening though my pocket is usually full of those same peoples’ business cards after they have sidled up to me with questions like “soooo, I have this friend who uhm, has bed bugs and uhm…”

In other instances it’s like regailing campfire stories in the corner of the room for the morbidly curious…inevitably someone will make puke noises. I feel like the nerdy kid in school no one wants to hang out with but everyone tries to cheat off of during the exam.

What I find fascinating however is not always what I deal with but who I deal with. People are fucked up.  If I had a nickle for everytime I found hooks in the ceiling and dildos everywhere I’d have like, 10 cents. (Twice is too often in my opinion).

So this blog is dedicated to the weird stuff, the things most people don’t believe, yet the simple truth is…


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