Garbage Day

So I’m just sitting there downtown  in my parked truck waiting for a business to open so I can inspect it.  I arrived early so I could find parking and enjoy my coffee in the morning. I am zen. I am calm. I am serene.

Then the hobo came. He was stumbling all over the place as he walked down the street towards me. He was carrying a bag of what looked like trash.  Hey, if it’s important to him who am I to judge.  As he dodges traffic crossing the street and clumsily misses other pedestrians he encounters his nemesis, parking meter.  The parking meter is a formidable foe as it doesn’t move.  It also has an extremely narrow profile which makes walking into it rather difficult.  This particular one had blinking lights on it, I can only assume they are invisibility beacons or some such thing because he hit it head on.

I’m watching, sipping my brew in amusement.  He wasn’t hurt, but he was stunned. He then became irate in a way that was something like if the Incredible Hulk just zipped his penis up in his fly.  Realizing that he could never defeat evil Dr. Parking Meter, he turned his aggression towards me.

He hucked his bag of trash at my window. Banana peels, cans, Chinese food boxes and some wet socks, that sort of thing.  He turned around and left.  I didn’t want to put my coffee down so I just turned my wipers on and finished my beverage.  I did make a face though. It ruined my whole zen thing.


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